About Us

Scintr combines innovative design and engineering to create exceptional products. Founded in 2017 and proudly based in Hong Kong, our team comprises both locally and internationally educated professionals. We draw inspiration from experiences in cities around the world, and they are applied to each piece of our work.

Turning ideas into reality

Ideas have the potential to change the world, yet the majority of ideas are never realised. To truly make a difference, having ideas alone is not enough. This is why we are committed to not only come up with ideas to solve the problems around us, but also to turn these ideas into workable solutions through innovative design and great engineering.

Fusion of design and engineering

The best products are both works of art and science - not only good to look at, but also functionally excellent. At Scintr, design and engineering work closely together as a single team from the very beginning, shortening iterative cycles while allowing more ideas to be tested, so we can ensure our works are the perfect blend of art and science. 

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Working to the highest standards

Whatever we are working on, we emphasise quality in both design and engineering, and only move forward when both artistic and functional factors reach our exacting standards. This approach has enabled us to win the prestigious Red Dot Award with our first creation, TRIG.

Improving city life

We focus on creating solutions that will improve city life, and have chosen to start with the urban commute. We firmly believe that active mobility can make urban travel enjoyable, healthy and clean, and we hope to create exceptional products that make adopting an active lifestyle easier, so more people can re-experience urban travel and learn to enjoy each journey.