In search of an enjoyable commute

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Cities are vibrant, diverse and exciting places, though you'd never be able to tell looking at the faces of commuters every day. Research has shown that whether you drive or take public transport, the act of travelling to and from work each day leads to stress, and we haven't even started taking into account the time we've wasted.

As a team of city dwellers, we want the entire experience - including our daily commute - to be enjoyable. Having lived in many different cities throughout our lives, we know this can be achievable, and one of the best ways to do so is by being active.

Those living too far to walk (i.e. most of us) will require some assistance, and a bicycle can be the perfect tool. The perfect commuter bike should have great ride quality, but also be convenient enough to move around with off the bike and easy to store when not in use. These requirements unfortunately are not well aligned with each other.

Bikes suitable for riding longer distances tend to be large and take up too much room to be stored in city apartments; and since they normally have to be locked up out of sight, we worry about them being stolen whilst at work.

Folding bikes on the other hand were designed for the last mile, with typically small wheels compromising ride quality for size, and realistically need to be used in conjunction with the crowded public transport system (something we wanted to avoid).

What we wanted was a bike that rides well over long distances and small enough to fit under our desks. Sadly, many existing products simply scaled up small folding bikes, making them an ergonomic nightmare when folded.

Since we couldn't find what we wanted, we set out to design our perfect solution instead.

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Bernard Wong