Cycle commuting is easier than you think

If you have never cycle commuted before, the idea may seem daunting. It was certainly the case for us, though after the first day any apprehension quickly turned into excitement. Here are a few reasons why you might want to give it a go.

It is (probably) closer than you think

According to data from Moovit, the average commuting distance at the 130 cities it monitors is just 7 km each way, so there's a good chance you don't live that far away from work/school/wherever you commute to. Travelling at a very leisurely 15km/h (9mph), this is less than a 30 minute ride!

Cycling is not always hard work

Just how much work is cycling at 15km/h? That depends on a lot of things - there are a number of bicycle speed and power calculators online where you can get a rough idea of the work required.

Assuming that you have a properly functioning bike on relatively flat terrain, you are unlikely to need much more than 100W of power - that's roughly equivalent to a brisk walk. As you get fitter every day, this will become even easier to maintain; or you could choose to go a little harder and decrease your journey time instead.

It may be the quickest way to travel

Depending on the distance, riding directly to your destination can be the quickest way to get there. There's no need to walk to the nearest station or drive to the nearest car park, and you are unlikely to be stuck in traffic no matter the time of day. An interesting tool over at TravelTime allows you to compare the distance you can cover over a period of time using various modes of transport.

It is good for your health

Cycle commuting comes with many health benefits too. Research has shown that cycle commuting reduces the risk of various diseases and also results in far lower stress levels in comparison with driving and taking public transport. And not only will you be benefitting yourself, switching to a bicycle will help to keep your city's air cleaner.

It is a refreshing experience

Overall, we find that cycling is a good way to get an immersive experience of a city. Everything feels different when you are not sitting in a metal box, and you can physically connect with the environment you are travelling through. You also get a chance to notice other people and things in the city that you might miss otherwise.

Ready to go?

Before you set off, make sure you check that your bike is in good condition and have your route planned out. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

Bernard Wong